Léo Dupleix

Born in Paris (1988). Graduated from Brussels Royal Conservatory (master degree in piano Jazz), lived in Japan for a year.

Since his relocation to Paris in 2016 he has retained a strong interest in improvisation while developing a corpus of composition that utilizes slowly unfurling melodies cast through the prism of just intonation and pure relationships of tones.

A lot of care is given to the instrument's specificities and physicality. The forms are long, in order to dig into sound itself, while the compositions leave space for improvisation. There is also a fascination with the phenomenon of sound, and its attributes (noise, tone, beating, consonance, and silence), and a strong interest in European and far eastern music from the middle ages. All this characterizes a rather complex and peculiar musical world, as well as a search for clarity and simplicity of expression.

He has performed his pieces with like minded composers and performers (Taku Sugimoto, Félicie Bazelaire, Clara de Asis, Stefan Thut, Bertrand Denzler, Simon Roy Christensen, Ura Hiroyuki,Cristián Alvear, Lauri Hyvärinen) as well as written pieces for ensembles (Suidobashi Chamber Orchestra, Ftarri ensemble, CôO, Sähkökitarakvartetti).

He develops his own software synthesizer, with Max/MSP and the ppooll environment, for performance, composition, and research within the realm of just intonation.

He composes music for/with the filmmaker Rémi Allier (les petites mains, cesar of best short movie 2019 - zinneke, 2013) and creates music for the dance pieces of choreographer Anna Gaïotti with the band vierge noir e (les antécédentes, 2020 - a kiss without lips, 2021).